Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sekretariat Rakan Muda Uniten ke Kg Salong, Pekan, Pahang~

hye my dear blog..
its been ages i did not write anything on my blog..

the story like this,

i just came back from pekan, pahang..
i was attending a programme so-called "Program Rakan Muda Wawasan
Desa IPT 2008" on 9th to 12th November 2008 in Kampung Salong, Pekan, Pahang.

As an introduction, i would like to state here, this is my first time join such this foster family thing. at first place, i was thought that being a part of a family in rural area, is really difficult. But it is not. I should change way of my perceptions since i had been one of them for 4 days and 3 nights.
I was shocked when i know their income per month. They usually do planting such as veggies, rubber, palm oil, and etc as their job to do for a living. Plus, their income roughly about 6k-8k per month.WOW..this is really-really good.i was shocked and at the same time i really adore them.

Those people in the village, were very good. with the warm welcoming ceremony right after we arrived at the village. They were very friendly, helpful and really funny person.

We've been selected by the villagers, sort us into groups and by groups we've been sorted to numbers of families.

Luckily, i was chosen to be a part of farmer's, i took the opportunity to do a visit and help my foster father to do plucking some of d veggies at his farm. really hard actually. one day he has to fill up at least 7 buckets of, i've tried was really tiring job..

Throughout this programme, we went to tasik chini, which this la
ke got its own legendary stories bout its lake. it was fun.since we go there by was my foster dad's was fun and tired that day..

Got some other sukaneka, mlm kebudayaan and some other stuff..tired lak type banyak2...

down here, i put some other photos throughout the day i in pekan pahang...check it out...