Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sepanjang Bulan Puasa~

haa...da lama da x update blog kesayangan ku ni..hihihi...
alhamdulilah, ramadhan da nk abes, n puasa diriku penuh..
saja je, di blog ku ni, nk share la pengalaman ngan korg pe yg da terjadi
selama sebulan ku sepanjang bulan ramadhan ni...

hehehe, x banyak pon bende yg terjadi, just nk cite je la..

ok2, stop talking, jom kite tgk pic2 di bawah ni..hihihi...
ni pic before nk g test 2 D.E
last day beratur di upten utk berbuke

berbuke di alamanda~
wit saserians at sunway~

dats all d pic i got..ade, tp cam byk sangat plak, nnt pe la org ckp.
haha...all what i want to say..
dis ramadhan, i had so much joy...
which i shared those happiness wit my family and my friends.
this ramadhan thought me how suffered the fakir's starved for foods.
i hope, u guys felt d same as i do.

thats all for me..

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ouh btw, selamat ari raye aidilfitri to all!
c ya!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

16 September...oh Malaysiaku!

assalamualaikum w.b.t
pada pagi yang mulia ini, saya hanya mahu berkongsi dengan semua bloggers, gambar di atas ni ialah gambar kabinet kerajaan baru yang di perkatakan oleh Pakatan Rakyat.
Saya tidak mahu menulis dengan panjang, memandangkan saya ada banyak tugasan, saya hanya mampu berkongsi gambar diatas dengan anda semua.
fikir dan renunglah sendiri, dimanakah kedudukan kita selepas ini, jika kerajaan sebegini dapat dibentuk..
bak kate Dato Seri Anwar, ini adalah suara rakyat, pilihan rakyat, nafas baru rakyat, dan "kemerdekaan" untuk rakyat.
renungkanlah seketika..ambil masa anda.
anda boleh save gambar diatas dengan click sahaja pada gambar tersebut.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

current issue~

assalamualaikum w.b.t
salam ramadhan to all..

it's been a while i update my blog. since i am here, i am ready to pen down my interests in current issues. i may not write much, but i just want to share to all the readers who read my blog, esp this post. Just now i've read Dr. Mahathir's recent blog's post, i would like to share his opinion on my blog page. It's about what happened today in Barisan Nasional, it is his opinion, n yet it looks very interesting.

5. In 1999 Elections Malay support of the Barisan Nasional was eroded because of sympathy for Anwar Ibrahim. But the Chinese strongly backed the Barisan Nasional to give it its usual 2/3rd majority and opposition stalwarts like Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang, who had never been defeated before, lost their seats.
6. Had the trend been towards change and rejection of the Barisan Nasional the 2004 election would show this. But far from being rejected the Barisan Nasional swept through with its best ever result, getting 9/10th of the seats in Parliament, regaining Terengganu and almost capturing Kelantan.
7. All signs point to the total acceptance of the Barisan Nasional and the Governments it had formed. And why not? Had not the Barisan Nasional built this country until it has become the most developed of developing countries, conducted free elections, brought stability and unprecedented economic development and achieved a degree of racial harmony which is the model for many multiracial countries of the world.
8. It was not all smooth sailing of course. There were problems - political, economic, religious and social. But all these had not reduced support for the Barisan Nasional or affected the progress and stability of the country under BN Governments unduly
.9. Can anyone say that the Barisan Nasional had not provided good Governments in the country? Of course the opposition cannot be expected to say it. But foreign observers have all been astounded at the progress made by this tin and rubber country which had bloomed into a modern industrial country.
10. There were people who all along had criticised what they term as the lack of democracy in this country, the "controlled" press and electronic media, the ISA (Internal Security Act) and curbs on the open discussion of sensitive issues. But obviously these people were in the minority and had never been able to influence the voters into rejecting Barisan Nasional.
11. After the stunning victory of Barisan Nasional in 2004 why has it been clearly rejected in 2008? What happened between 2004 and 2008? Can it be that after almost 50 years of supporting race-based politics the voters have decided to reject it and opt for non-racial politics? Have the people in the kampong suddenly yearned for more liberalism? If so why did they give strong support to PAS, a race-religious party which is anything but liberal?
12. Maybe the ordinary Chinese are more sophisticated than the rural Malays. Maybe they have now rejected racial politics. But as far as can be made out the Chinese are upset over the economic situation. Even hawkers and small traders; the subcontractors, the retail shops owners are unhappy with the Government. They are however very cautious about criticising Dato Seri Abdullah but when pressed they admit that they wanted Abdullah out but dared not say it aloud for fear of being accused of rejecting Malay leadership. They also worry about their businesses being singled out for some unpleasant treatment like being investigated by the Inland Revenue Board.
13. So, unable to do anything else they cast their votes for the opposition. With that the Barisan Nasional, after getting the biggest number of Parliamentary seats in the history of the Alliance / Barisan Nasional went down and achieved the worst result in its history. Was this rejection of Barisan candidates due to the rejection of the Barisan Nasional coalition?
14. The votes that the opposition parties got were not due to a desire to replace the Barisan Nasional with the unstructured Pakatan Rakyat. They were protest votes. But is it protest against the Barisan Nasional party? Is it a rejection of race-based politics? I don't think so.
15. It is a protest against the poor leadership of the BN, rather than the BN itself. The people saw a BN leader who was indecisive, unable to deal with the increasing cost of living, flip-flopping, unable to stimulate the economy and above all is known for putting his family's interest above that of State. Everyone knows about the 4th Floor and the role of Khairy Jamaluddin's cronies in determining policies and deciding on the business activities of the country. People consider these arrogant young people as contributing to the poor performance of the Prime Minister.
16. The Barisan Nasional coalition is still the best political party in Malaysia. It gave due consideration to the problems of all the Malaysian parties and the races they represent. And there can be no denying that the BN had built the Malaysia that we see today.
17. It would be a pity if, as the Malay saying goes, "we burn the mosquito net because of one mosquito".

as we can see up here, the elobrations is great and accurate.
it all about the roots in BN, today's agenda happened.
as my own opinion, yes it is true there is no other government's alliance, can do what BN did.
people just want a drastic changes, we still love UMNO, and we care about malays.
just a few steps, all this dramatic agenda will ends.

p/s: Dr M is still the best Prime Minister ever.
May God Bless Malaysia!