Friday, May 1, 2009

holiday mood is coming back

Yeah!! the mood has coming back..haha..ouh by the way, forgot to say hello to my blog..hehe..its been a while i've opened up my this little-network-notebook..lols.

okay2, i might not to write long here since today i just faced a terrible damn tiring day..last night, i had futsal with my friends till 2.30 a.m, and straight after it, we were rushed up back to my friend's rental house in bangi to watch a
superb football match. okay, talk about it, the match was quite ok, but to reach the level of satisfactions is haven't reach yet.but yeah as expected, manchester united did the wonders again and was a nice game dough.

allright, as we can see the picture above, the pic shows that we are so optimistic on how we spend our holidays. we break houses, factories and all stuffs that related to it.hehe..see, we are the ninjas trying to break
into a house which near to my taman.(umah otai)..

haha..ok peeps, maybe later onwards i will keep updates my blog with such an educational updates on current issues, politics and stuff. im just using this post to tell ppl that the mood has come back.yeah.
in a week to come, i'll be in langkawi, got something to do there.well my fellow friends, if you got something which you want me to buy for ya, do text or call me k.

ok, that's all from me.
take care and have a nice day. >.<


BaBy aNA said...

buy me some Ferrero Rocher n Daim when u reach in Langkawi~!!

tempahan awal..


JeLin =) said...

waaa..duit mane? sesungguhnye rakanmu ni di alam kekeringan..hahahaha

anakzarin. said...

weyh korang masuk la manhunt.