Saturday, January 31, 2009

the classy people

I believe that everybody loves their own friendships. So do I. What does friendship means to you?
As my own words, I would like to say a magnanimous bond that ties between friends.
Tonight, I would like to pen down my interests to discuss and talk about friendships.

Hell yeah, friendships is sweet, fun, caring, whats more? You can say it by your own words.

But, what makes me to write this post is because, somehow i just felt i want to write something about it, since what had happened lately to my "friendships" thou.
I would like to say that general meaning of being a member of friendships:

1. When you were happy, those people are coming to you.
2. When you have something, of course people are coming to you.
3.When you became somebody one day, those are coming back to see ya.[you'll see it]
4.If you want to share something besides family, there are several numbers you can trust.

But somehow, I've been living in this very cynical world for over 20 years already, I do have my own friendships.
But within this period, there are so many things have been changed. Wether you like it or not, yes u have to face it.

I wanna write something. Okay, this is when i was on my lower-secondary school. When I was in SAAS, I admit that i am not making a lot of friends there. when i was in form 3, i've been selected to second highest class in school, which is still not the best.but hey, i was very glad to join that class those days. Of course, i do have friends from the best class in school. But, I still remember, there are numbers of them who are really good [friendly thou], and there are some of them feel that there are good enough since they were in first class group. What makes me wonder until today, those days when i got offer to go to the best science school in malaysia, those arrogant people were starting try to contact with me, try to get to know me, trying to make me to join them too. and i felt glad, and i've changed my perceptions on them. and i say, they are good friends. okay.good friends.

As for today, in year 2008-2009, they had added my facebook.and yet, i did approved them. what makes me feel so pissed out is, whenever i wrote somthing on their wall, trying to get know how do they do now, where are they now, and yet none of them from so called first-class-group havent replied my notes yet on my wall. and once again, they feel they are great.

ouh yeah, you feel you are great enough? Okay, maybe yes, i would like to say congratulations to them for their upcoming graduation for their diploma in office management and diploma in arts. so great you people. and yes, i was in 2nd highest class in Saas back, mayb im not that good enough to join you people.

this is makes me wonder tonight.whats wrong you people? nothing is wrong. because all the great leaders born from the first-class-group people.

a great friendship comes with a great friends, great thinking creatively, innovatively and critically.

thats all, see y'all later.

from my deepest heart,
author xoxo,
future electrical power engineer [god's will..amin].

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