Friday, October 3, 2008

we called this as our hobby and friendships++

now, i am lying on my bed, doin nothin' n boring [couldnt sleep]
i think on my blog, i've talked about politics, family n some of my activities.
i just want to put on my blog, about a very lovely
fonds of memories, lots of speculations, problems..
which is i call this is my band
blueberry consists of:
say...lots of memories happened through our days in this band.
a lot things happened between us.
we've been together since we were as a foundation student.

dis is last sem's jammfest.
we participated.
god's will, we lost at d first round.

dis d pic from backstage.
few minutes before we performed.

last jammfest's we've performed j-rocks - lepaskan diriku.
we did our best, but xde rezeki

i want to write down something about my band.
i love d band.
i love my band's mate.
i want to protect our band as much as i could.
dis band had changed my perceptions in musics.
i've learned a lot.
i discovered new things a lot.
i know, until today i am not a perfect drummer.
but i love this band because there is a strong bond which i prefer to called it friendship++

thanx to my all mates.

this is my band, this is my hobby and this is i called friendships++


anakzarin. said...

bob time nih en ko kelihatan mcm sophisticated lah kan.
konon2 la.
pki la weyh drumstick aku kasik tuh.

jelin said...

haha..sophisticated? really..waa..
xnk drumstick ko bg..nk simpan..hee..nk simpan wat kenangan..hee~

anakzarin. said...

weyh ur page look so gay man.
terigt pic ko pki shades tuh.
ow man,definitely gay man.
no doubt.

umaru dghani said...

cool ar page ko...

Apiz said...

Abg apiz ni...Ada band sendiri ker?
Good...Siap main drum lagi tu.

Waktu muda kene kreatif.Music is one of the way...Tapi jangan jadi poyo sudahlah....

JeLin =) said...

haha..da lama da ni band ni abg hafiz..hehe..okay..radiohead rocks eh! :P