Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Coloumn~

Ahha! this post is just for my family coloumn. since this blog is my blog, i think it is more appropriate for me to introduce and post my family on my very own blog aite? okay2, lets go straight ahead.. As we can see the picture above, it is actually the graduation day for my eldest brother..
My family consists of 5 members, which is:

1)Ahmad Latiffi Yaacob (The Father)

2)Azizan Mohd Yudin(The Mother)

3)Ahmad Azid Tahar Ahmad Latiffi(eldest)

4)Nur Atikah Ahmad Latiffi(2nd)

5)Ahmad Azrain Ahmad Latiffi(me!)

I love this family so much..I couldnt imagine that how my life gonna be if they are not, do pray for us so that we will always remains healthy, fit and strong.amin..on below here, i put some pictures of my family members..check it out..daa~

this is my dad and me~

me, mama n sis~

my bro~

our house~

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